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Guestroom Records

Brand Refresh & UI/UX Experience


Guestroom Records is an Oklahoman-owned record shop with locations in Norman and OKC.

They have had the same branding since 2003 and only sell locally or on their desktop website.


Update the branding to a more modern visual style and create a mobile shopping experience to appeal to a broader audience.


The new branding encompasses a renovated look that instills more energy and clarity in the brand; while harkening back to retro ties and continuing to feature orange as their key brand color.
This branding is used throughout a fresh and snappy mobile experience. It’s now easier than ever to purchase, pre-order, and listen to your vinyl collection – both at home or on the go.


Easily log into your Guestroom Records account using your email address, Face ID, or register as a new user to create a brand new account.


These days vinyls come with digital track download codes. Using Guestroom Records makes this a breeze. Upon purchase of a vinyl it will also be added to your digital library so you can still listen to your favorite song even when you’re away from your turntable.


The first option is a more traditional digital shopping experience featuring a storefront with vinyls that are all neatly displayed, visible, and searchable.


The second option is a more personalized experience that features your most highly recommended albums grouped into a feed. The user is able to swipe through using multiple gestures to preview, save, or remove vinyls to their liking.

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